Mark Henry made an appearance on WWE Raw, and fans were delighted to see him. However, many were concerned about his leg. So what really happened to Mark’s leg?

Fans grew concerned after watching WWE legend struggling to walk. Many took to Twitter to find out what happened as they were worried Mark might have hut himself again. Meanwhile, some of the fans seemed to have an answer!

What happened to Mark Henry’s leg?

Mark left everyone shocked after he was spotted using a scooter to get around. One of his legs was rested on the scooter, and it was hard to see what really happened to it. Meanwhile, Randy Orton did acknowledge Mark’s injury as he poked fun of him for driving around in a scooter.

Unfortunately, the viewers were not given a lot of answers as to what happened. At first glance, one would think Mark could not walk at all and has injured himself badly. However, fans can be rest assured that Mark is fine and can stand on both his legs!

When Bill Goldberg enters the stage, Mark is spotted standing on the right side (as seen in the gif below). If you notice carefully, it appears that he is wearing a cast. It is quite likely that Mark had a recent surgery or might have hurt himself.

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He has not opened up about his injury on social media, and as of now, there is no confirmation. Although, some of his fans seemed to have answers to what happened.

Twitter theories on Mark’s leg injury:

Some fans seemed to know what happened to Mark as one wrote, he had a “surgery” in response to someone questioning, “What was the deal with Mark Henry & the scooter? He has a legit leg issue?”

Another seemed to have a similar response as they wrote, “He had an infection in his leg. He’s fine now. But he’s still in a cast for a few weeks.”

As of now, Mark has not officially revealed what exactly happened to his leg.

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