History of Swear Words has arrived on Netflix but the appearance of Nicolas Cage has left fans asking if the actor has had a hair transplant.

As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, almost every aspect of Nicolas Cage’s career and personal life has come under close scrutiny.

Now, Nicolas Cage is into his mid-50s and the signs of ageing are naturally catching up with the actor who hosts Netflix’s new History of Swear Words docuseries.

However, fans have noticed that Cage’s hair has not followed the trend you would expect, especially as years of apparent hair loss.

Has Nicolas Cage had a hair transplant or has some hair dye and a new style given the 56-year-old actor’s hair a new lease of life?

History of Swear Words | Official Trailer | Netflix

History of Swear Words | Official Trailer | Netflix

History of Swear Words on Netflix

History of Swear Words arrived on Netflix on January 5th, 2021.

Hosted by Nicolas Cage, the six-episode docuseries delves into the origins of some of humanity’s favourite curse words.

We get explanations behind the meanings of swear words, why they’re regarded as vulgar as well as plenty of examples of Cage screaming the f-word at the top of his lungs.


Has Nicolas Cage had a hair transplant?

  • It is unknown whether Nicolas Cage has had a hair transplant as it has never been confirmed by the actor himself.

However, fans who have paid close attention to Cage’s hair over the years have spotted an unusual trend.

In years gone by, Cage’s hairline has appeared to have been receding.

However, in Netflix’s new docuseries, Nicolas Cage is seen sporting a fairly full head of hair which is noticeably darker than it has been in recent years too.

A 2011 article from Unreality Magazine shows a timeline of Nicolas Cage’s hair and how it has supposedly been receding throughout his career.

Below is a picture from 2009’s Toronto International Film Festival and it’s safe to say that Nicolas Cage has got safely more hair now than he had then.

Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Fans discuss Nicolas Cage’s hair

With the release of Netflix’s History of Swear Words docuseries, fans have taken to social media to discuss Cage’s most notable feature, his full head of dark brown hair,

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Can we all talk about Nicolas Cage’s excellent hair transplant though? It looks good!”

While another added: “I’m struggling to get over Nicolas cage new hair & dark beard.”

This fan drew attention to how Cage’s hair appears to have been dyed: “So we’re all OK that Nicolas Cage is straight-up Giulianing [Rudy Giuliani] his hair and beard now?”

And finally, this fan commented: “The Netflix curse word series has so many bizarre choices that happen so fast but none more insane to me than the choice of not letting there be one grey hair visible anywhere on Nicolas Cage’s person, the man is 56 years old, no one is fooled, I’m just thinking about the dye job.”

History of Swear Words, starring Nicolas Cage, is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on January 5th, 2021.

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