Megan Denise has taken to Instagram to call out her ex-fiancé, NFL star Von Miller, after he allegedly claimed he didn’t want their unborn baby.

Denver Broncos player Von Miller has been dating Instagram model Megan Denise since 2018. The pair were first spotted together at the ESPY Awards ceremony in LA and since then have been very open about their relationship on social media.

However the relationship seems to have turned sour, and Megan and Von, who were engaged, now seem to have recently split.

Now, Megan has taken to her Instagram Story to claim that Von allegedly sent a number of disturbing texts to her, and she’s also revealed that she’s pregnant with his baby!

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Megan Denise exposes Von Miller on Instagram

Megan took to her Instagram Story on Monday (January 4th) to reveal some texts she had allegedly received from Von.

First, she shared a screenshot of a message thread that said “I’m honestly praying for a miscarriage”, writing over the image: “Since ya’ll want to know, here’s yall’s MVP.”

@meganxdenise Instagram Story

In the same conversation, Von allegedly repeated “I’m so disappointed in myself” before saying “this is the biggest mistake of my life”.

It’s unclear what he was referring to there, but in the next Instagram Story, she then showed a photo of her scan, revealing to the world that she really is pregnant with Von Miller’s baby.

@meganxdenise Instagram Story

However, she wasn’t done calling him out yet, continuing to post screenshots where he allegedly hurled abuse at her and told her to “get an abortion”.

Megan then said “tired of protecting you, this is who you are, cut it out kid” before writing:

“My heart goes out to any woman or man who is or has ever dealt with mental, physical or verbal abuse. Praying death on me and mine was enough. Protecting me and mine all 2021.”

@meganxdenise Instagram Story

Von Miller responds to Megan’s Instagram Story

Von Miller then took to his own Instagram Story to respond to Megan’s screenshots.

He denied everything she had said and wrote: “Fake news, lol. The reality of somebody leaving you make some people literally crazy. Classic trap.”

His Instagram Story has now been deleted, however screenshots of it have been posted by popular Instagram gossip account @theshaderoom.

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