Cardi B swapped WAP for WWE, as she hilariously responded to her feature in the event.

WWE Raw took place yesterday, January 4th, but what fans didn’t expect was Cardi B’s cameo. Well, Cameo may be an overstatement.

During the event, wrestler Torrie Wilson told Angel Garza that Cardi B was waiting for him in a nearby room, causing him to excitedly get his hopes up. Upon entrance however, he found The Boogeyman waiting for him.

See the moment yourself here:

Cardi B’s reaction to being on WWE

Rapper Cardi B was initially confused by the relation to wrestling, after being tagged in posts by both fans and wrestlers about the event.

In response to a fan asking if she watches WWE, Cardi responded: “No, I used to. I’m seeing people tagging me on WWE stuff and I’m kinda confused.”

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It wasn’t until another fan tweeted her the WWE Raw clip that she realised. “WWWWTTTTTFFFFF….This is not how my WWE debut was supposed to be! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F***IN DAYS!!!!” she jokingly commented.

She may not have watched yesterday’s WWE Raw but the rapper is certainly a long-time fan of the wrestling event, which she admitted on Twitter, reminiscing over when she would watch it as a child.

“I started watching when Booka T, Eddie Gurrero, Triple H , Batista, John Cena, Edge, Melina,Trish Stratus, Lina, etc. was on!” she wrote.

WWE wrestler Melina responded to the tweet adding: “As if I didn’t already love this woman enough and then I see this.”

Fans loved the moment

Fans of both Cardi B and WWE took to Twitter to applaud the exchange.

We want to see a WWE and Cardi B collab and so do these fans:

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