Cobra Kai season 3 delves into the backstory of ruthless sensei John Kreese but just who plays Young Kreese the Netflix series?

Following the dramatic events of Cobra Kai season 2, the ruthless John Kreese has returned as sensei of the Cobra Kai dojo.

However, while Kreese is training a new batch of Cobra Kai students in the present, through a series of flashbacks we also learn more about his past and why Kreese grew up to become such a ruthless figure.

But just who plays Young Kreese in Cobra Kai season 3?

Cobra Kai: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cobra Kai: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cobra Kai season 3 on Netflix

Cobra Kai season 3 arrived on Netflix on January 1st, 2021, a week earlier than originally scheduled.

After Johnny Lawrence left the Cobra Kai dojo in disgrace in season 2, following the injury to Miguel Diaz, John Kreese has returned to mentor the new batch of students and wastes no time in instilling his ‘no mercy’ ideology.

However, through a series of flashbacks, we learn more about the Cobra Kai sensei and how he came to be such a callous villain.


Who plays Young Kreese?

  • Barrett Carnahan plays Young Kreese in Cobra Kai season 3.

We first meet Young Kreese in episode 2 as he’s working at a diner where he gets into a scrap with a confrontational jock before he later joins the army and is deployed in Vietnam.

Barrett Carnahan takes on the role as Young Kreese, perfectly mirroring Martin Kove’s sinister scowl.

Born and raised in Ohio, 28-year-old Barrett developed a love of acting after appearing in several community plays and he has been acting professionally since his 2011 debut, we’ll get onto his previous roles in a moment.

Like most actors in the modern industry, Barrett Carnahan is active on social media, most notably Instagram, where he has a following over 164,000 fans at the time of writing.


Barrett Carnahan: Films and TV

As mentioned, Barrett Carnahan made his professional acting debut in 2011, this came in a minor role in J.J. Abram’s Super 8.

Since then, Barrett Carnahan has gone on to appear in almost 30 acting roles with his biggest appearances coming in the likes of The Thundermans, Grown-ish and the Netflix series Alexa & Katie where he appeared as the character Aiden in seven episodes.

According to IMDb, it won’t be long until Barrett Carnahan is back on our screens as the Cobra Kai actor is scheduled to appear in the TV pilot for One of Us is Lying and the TV movie College.

Cobra Kai season 3 is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on January 1st, 2021.

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