Fans of Kingdom Come: Deliverance are getting excited after a listing found on the Nintendo website suggests that the game will soon release on the Nintendo Switch.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval action roleplaying game which lets players take on the role of a peasant who becomes a travelling warrior. The game has a passionate fanbase who crowdfunded its development on Kickstarter.

The game has not been officially announced for Switch, but fans are hopeful that it may be releasing on the hybrid console soon.

When will Kingdom Come: Deliverance release on Switch?

According to the website, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will come to Switch soon, with a release date of February 18.

It’s important to note that this has not been officially announced. It’s possible that the listing could be an error. Something similar happened recently when Banjo Kazooie was incorrectly labelled for release on the Wii U, which Nintendo later clarified was a mistake.

That said, as this listing has been officially published on the Japanese Nintendo site, there’s a good chance that this date is accurate, and that an announcement will be forthcoming.

What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition?

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition that will possibly come to Switch contains both the base version of the game and all DLC. This package is currently available on Steam.

That the listing on Nintendo’s website specifies the Royal Edition suggests that Switch players will receive all DLC content bundled with the game, and won’t need to make additional purchases to get the complete package.

The specifics of this release have yet to be revealed, and it’s still entirely possible that the details on the Nintendo website could be subject to change. For now, though, fans can be hopeful that they’ll soon have the chance to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance on the Switch.

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