For most of the working world, January 4th marks the first day back into the weekly grind. To celebrate, or commiserate for some, here’s the best back to work after Christmas memes.

This Christmas was a weird one, which means returning to work after it will be even weirder. As Twitter does with most life events, memes ensued about the journey back into the 9-5.

Whether you’ve been eagerly anticipating or dreading your first day back to work after the festive break, there’s nothing like a good meme to pick your mood up and realise you’re not alone in it.

Although there’s an abundance of hilariously relatable memes about today, here are the best ten we’ve managed to narrow it down to. Introducing, the best back to work after Christmas memes on Twitter.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Best ten back to work after Christmas memes

This tweet perfectly depicts everyone’s first meeting after Christmas:

Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

This meme is actual footage of us trying to work a computer on the first day back to work after Christmas:

The switch from living room table to work desk is even harder when they’re literally exactly the same:

What’s Zoom again?

A serious moment of reflection for workers:

T’was the night before going back to work after Christmas, as shown by this meme:

These back to work after Christmas memes are for those not-so-excited about it:

The return of the alarm clock sound might be the worst part of it all:

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