Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream has been doxxed by fans and had his address leaked online after he posted a fake face reveal.

Many social media personalities decide to keep their face hidden online to protect their privacy. Some creators who have never revealed what they truly look like include YouTuber Corpse Husband and TikTok star Trixxie World.

Another person who has always kept his identity hidden is Dream, and fans have always demanded that he reveal his real face. On Friday, he finally promised a face reveal, but it turned out to be fake, which then led to him being doxxed.

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Dream fakes face reveal

As Dream keeps his face concealed, many fans have always wanted to find out more information about his true identity, and often demand that he finally does a face reveal.

On December 31st, Dream posted a short video to Twitter showing a person (who is believed to be the real Dream) with his cartoon face logo placed over his face. At the end of the video, a card appeared that said “Mr Beast YouTube Rewind” followed by the words “4pm EST January 1st”.

Many fans then tuned into Mr Beast’s YouTube rewind event on January 1st, certain that they would finally get a Dream face reveal. However, they were wrong. Dream actually faked his face reveal and refused to reveal his true identity.

Then he got doxxed

After the fake face reveal, a group of fans set out to dox Dream, compromising his privacy and revealing his true identity. ‘Doxxing’ means to search for and publish private or identifying information about someone on the internet, typically with malicious intent, and a number of Twitch fans did exactly that.

As reported by Dexerto, it all started when Dream posted a photo of his kitchen to his second Twitter account. Whilst most people simply scrolled past the photo and took no notice, some fans decided to use the image to find out exactly where he lives.

A fan then found his house through the online real estate site Zillow and proceeded to post his address online.

At the time of writing this, Dream has not publicly responded to the Dox. However, it is believed that he deleted the kitchen photo and all other content from his second Twitter.

Fans react to Dream’s privacy breach

Many of Dream’s loyal fans have taken to Twitter to react to the dox, and it’s raised a lot of questions about online safety.

One Twitter user said: “Seeing a huge YouTuber getting doxxed really makes me thankful that I’m not famous. With over 15 million fans there’s definitely gonna be some stalkers trying to find Dream. As much as I dislike the guy, I feel real bad for him. Better get ready for the irl manhunt.”

“This whole dream getting doxxed situation is too scary. No one deserves to live their life in fear,” said another.

Another person said: “Dream has been doxxed and information surrounding him and his entire family is spreading around the internet. If you see this info, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY AND DON’T SPREAD IT, as it could put them all in serious danger.”

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