Let’s get the ending of Netflix’s Equinox explained. The Danish series was recently added to the streaming service and presents a gripping mystery.

Say what you will about 2020, but TV enthusiasts have certainly had a great deal of new content to work through.

New efforts have been celebrated and fan favourites have made welcome returns, with Netflix, in particular, offering audiences plenty to admire.

Just in time, the streaming service invited viewers to round off the year with a puzzle box of a series called Equinox, which released on Wednesday, December 30th 2020.

Created by Tea Lindeburg and produced by Dorte Riis Lauridsen, this six-episode Danish thriller is based on a podcast called Equinox 1985, which had topped the iTunes podcast chart three years ago.

However, those unfamiliar with it may have been left scratching their heads when the finale graced screens….

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Netflix: Equinox ending explained

The narrative follows Astrid, who was nine years old when her sister Ida had disappeared on a graduation trip. Of the 21 students present, only three came back.

Shortly after, Astrid began experiencing nightmares and she was signed up for treatment at a facility. So, what does it all mean?

Well, to understand the show’s ending, one must have some knowledge of the folklore of Eostre or Ostara, which Meaww notes is native to Danish and German regions.

The legend of Ostara informs of the Spring Goddess, who is borrowed from the pantheonic rituals and has become something of a namesake of the God of the Easter.

As for Equinox, the legend which helps us understand the ending details the Hare King being madly in love with Ostara during the Equinox. However, when they were separated, Ostara discovered eggs in the place which they’d met.

Eventually, they hatched to reveal rabbits and the legend goes that it’s these very same rabbits that distribute eggs for Easter. This folklore tale is introduced in the series fairly early on, when Astrid’s father tells her a bedtime story at the facility.

Essentially, this foreshadows the ending and Equinox is concerned with the moment when the Hare King and Ostara will meet again.

It’s implied that Ida is actually Ostara, and we learn of a pact made by Astrid’s mother and the Hare King. Unable to conceive, she promises to give the King – in the form of Henrik – her daughter back when she turns 18, which is the age she was when she went missing.

She tells Henrik that she’ll hand over the baby created on Equinox, but Ida then had an abortion, which destroyed the pact.

In turn, Henrik kept Ida and the class captive until Astrid’s mother fulfilled her part of the deal. However, it’s then revealed that Astrid is Ostara, and when they reunite, those who were once trapped are free, which is why the ending depicts humans summoned to a field.

Instead of returning to her life on Earth, Astrid leaves with Henrik and Ida.

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