Trisha Paytas has been caught in several controversies throughout her time as an influencer, more recently including drama with 16 year- old Charli D’Amelio.

The influencer has become popular on TikTok over the past year, where she is known for her shocking videos, cosplaying and constantly switching up her looks.

In December, Trisha stunned fans when she announced her engagement to boyfriend, Moses, and shared the pictures of the big event online.

However, fans have noticed that Trisha’s Instagram account has disappeared, but luckily Trisha herself has spoken out about the situation, and informed fans of what has happened.

What happened to Trisha Paytas’ Instagram account?

On December 21st, Trisha Paytas informed fans that her Instagram account had been deleted, and asked her followers for help. She wrote:

“My Instagram has been disabled, anyone know how i get it back or who to talk to ??”

She later told fans that she had a backup Instagram account, and encouraged them to follow it, revealing that she had big news on the way: “I have big announcements this week please follow my backup Instagram account @ TrishaPaytasBACKUP.”

Why was Trisha Paytas’ Instagram account deleted?

Trisha posted a YouTube video explaining why her account was deleted, and it appears it is due to her advertising her Only Fans account. She said:

“My Instagram account is disabled, it is just for 30 days. I was confused because I got some warnings saying ‘don’t promote Only Fans’ so I took it out of my bio and descriptions.”

Trisha continued:

“I think I posted something about Adam and Eve and my discount code, and my account was disabled when I logged in.”

Trisha then encouraged followers to follow her back up Instagram account so that she could share her news with fans online. She said: “I have really big announcements this week.”

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