The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 296 have been leaked online and fans are shocked at the tragic death of a beloved character.

With the fifth season of the My Hero Academia anime only a matter of months away and a third movie officially confirmed, there has never been more excitement surrounding the franchise, especially the manga series.

In this article, we breakdown the spoilers that have leaked online for My Hero Academia chapter 296, which includes a major character death and a haunting plan from AFO on what’s next.

My Hero Academia 296: Release date

My Hero Academia chapter 296 is currently scheduled to release on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021. You can read a full breakdown of the release here.

My Hero Academia 296: Spoilers and leaks

  • The spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 296 reveal that the heroes are dealing with the aftermath of the battle in the ruins of the city. As we get confirmation of Midnight’s death, AFO reveals that the Nomus will release his body and attack again.

The title of the chapter is ‘Extremely, Hell’ and opens with a panel showing a destroyed city.

All the heroes who are still able to move tried to stop Shigaraki from retreating but the Near High-end Nomus stop them. Three of the Nomus are stopped, but the remaining seven, Shigaraki and some members of the League of Villains are able to make their escape.

Giganto, Machia and Mr Compress are either captured or arrested along with countless members of the PLF.

There are citizens still trapped under the rubble of the fallen city, but we see a hero called Toga a ‘sh**y brat’ and that whilst he is still on the run, he is still close to the action. Another hero is shown to stand in despair and say, “let’s stop this, I can’t do this anymore. I will need to find a new job.”

However, there is an incredibly emotional moment as Kirishima, Mina and Yaomomo are crying over the death of Midnight (Nemuri Kayama), who’s glasses/mask are the only thing left of her.

The civilians are discussing what to do next, leave the country or stay and fight to rebuild their lives. The two children from Bakugou and Shoto’s extra lesson are asking whether they will be okay, to which one of them says “We’ll be okay because we have 5 weenies!”

The chapter ends with AFO ordering Nomus to “release” his body, implying they may attack Tartarus next.

These spoilers were provided via a chapter summary on Twitter but as always, take leaked spoilers with a pinch of salt and read chapters through official sources.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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