Following many allegations, Mini Ladd has taken to YouTube to post an apology video.

Craig Thompson, better known by his YouTube name Mini Ladd, has been subject to a lot of allegations over the past year, and many fans have turned against him following claims that he messaged a number of young girls.

After months of criticism, Mini Ladd has decided to address the claims in an apology video on YouTube. Here’s what he said.

Mini Ladd posts apology video on YouTube

Mini Ladd took to his 5.2 million subscriber YouTube channel on Monday (December 28th) to post a 7-minute long apology to his fans following allegations involving a number of young girls.

In the video titled “My Apology”, Mini Ladd first addresses allegations related to a friend called Hallie, one of his Twitch Mods. “I added Hallie on Snapchat when she was 16,” he said, claiming that he messaged her on there often like he did all his friends to keep up their “streaks”.

He then admitted that when she turned 17, he started to flirt with her, being aged 21 at the time. “That’s not ok, and I’m aware of that,” he said.

Mini Ladd then discussed his mental state at the time, revealing: “The reason I did this was because I did try to take my life at the start of 2017.”

“The reality is I was being selfish. I wasn’t thinking about repercussions, I wasn’t thinking about anything, I was just being stupid, and I really want to apologise for that. I just wasn’t thinking, and I’ve regretted it since,” he said.

He then continued to discuss allegations surrounding a second woman called Ash, first revealing he didn’t know her for very long and only met her through people he was associated with.

He said: “The stuff I said to her is just not ok either, and that’s not what I want. She was someone that I really did call my friend, and it sucks that I let her down like that.”

Mini Ladd also acknowledged a message he sent to a girl called Lara, a friend he met in 2016. “This isn’t me, it’s something that I completely regret. I panicked, I was scared, I didn’t know what to do and I love my job so much that I didn’t want it to go away,” he said.

“To Hallie, Ash and to Lara… I’m sorry guys. You were my friends. I failed you. I was only thinking of myself and I was being stupid. I wish I could take it all back,” he said before revealing that he has messaged a private apology to each of the girls.

Craig finished the video by expressing his passion for YouTube and admitted that he hasn’t been putting the “love and attention” into it that the wants to.

He revealed that he has been in therapy and said: “I want to rekindle myself and find out who I am.”

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