K-pop girl group Gugudan have announced they will disband, after two years of inactivity.

The girl group began in 2016, with a mermaid themed song titled Wonderland. Made up of nine members, they built a fan following before releasing two mini-albums and two single albums.

However, fans received radio silence after the band stopped releasing music in 2018. Now, Gugudan have announced they are disbanding.

Why are Gugudan disbanding?

Jellyfish Entertainment announced the split on the official Gugudan fan site, writing:

“This is Jellyfish Entertainment. First of all, we’d like to thank the fans for loving and suporing Gugudan. We would like to give you our official position regarding their group activities. All the members of Gugudan have been working hard and receiving a lot of love since their debut, but after a long and in-depth discussion, we have decided they will officially end their group activities on December 31st 2020.

Although their group activities are over, we will do our best to provide full support for their individual activities such as music and acting. Thank you once again for your great support, and we sincerely apologise for the sudden news to the fans who love Gugudan.”

“Lastly, please continue to show warm love and interest to the members who are about to make a fresh start. Thank you.”

Although Jellyfish Entertainment haven’t pinpointed a specific reason for Gugudan disbanding,  cracks have shown for a while now and member Sally became a member of the temporary girl group BonBon Girls 303 this year.

Some fans have even blamed Jellyfish Entertainment for the group not reaching their full potential. One fan tweeted: “Gugudan are the perfect girl group. Literally had it all but proper promotion.”

Earlier this year, Sally revealed that Gugudan members were asked to leave their dorms in 2019 and should only return when called by Jellyfish Entertainment.

Photo by MBC/Imazins via Getty Images

Reactions to the split

Unsurprisingly, fans were saddened by the news of Gugudan disbanding:

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