Gal Gadot shared her “first time dancing” on TikTok, giving fans an insight into the Wonder Woman 1984 film set – and they are loving it.

Actress Gal Gadot might be pretty new to the TikTok app, having joined in November, but she has already taken on video reactions, promoted her work, and eaten chocolate cake. In the last day, one of her videos went viral.

On Tuesday (December 29th), Gal posted a video of what she states is her “first time dancing on TikTok” while getting hair and make-up done on set.

Since then, many of her fans decided to watch the Wonder Woman 1984 film, mainly for the purpose of seeing her in action.

Photo By: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Gal Gadot posts film set dance to TikTok

The end of 2020 might be here, but some comfort has been found in new film Wonder Woman 1984, with Gal Gadot as the leading character.

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It was released in cinemas on Christmas Day, and had reportedly taken in $85 million just two days after launching.

Gal posted the throwback on-set video of her dancing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, surrounded by her hair and make-up team.

They all danced and sang to the chorus together, with the video going viral and reaching more than 3 million views in 17 hours.

Gal also posted behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, with the caption: “My first time dancing on Tiktok! Never knew the day would come but here it is – me – dancing – on TikTok. Go check it out.”

Gal’s Wonder Woman 1984 video goes viral

After posting the video, fans noticed that she reached over 1 million followers, despite only joining the video platform in November.

Some who discovered the viral TikTok didn’t even realise that Gal had an account on there, and were shocked by the news.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Finding out @GalGadot has a TikTok was the best part of my day.”

“Okay so Gal Gadot is on TikTok and I am in love”, wrote another.

It is the most viewed video that Gal has ever had on TikTok, who is only following one account on the app.

Fans react to Gal’s first time dancing

Although Wonder Woman 1984 has been criticised by several Twitter users, the presence of Gal Gadot in the film seems to be what kept them watching.

Her viral video on TikTok seemed to heighten their love for the actress.

One fan responded to the film being over 2 hours and 30 minutes long, and said: “Honestly if it was a TikTok of Gal Gadot’s face smiling for that long or longer I would still watch it.”

Others have claimed they deleted TikTok due to Gal Gadot’s viral video, with some criticising the Wonder Woman 1984 movie.

Another person tweeted: “Gal Gadot just came up on my FYP so now I’ve deleted TikTok.”

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