Harry Styles’ American Vogue cover was slated by Fox News, who told him to stick to men’s clothing – and Twitter have rushed to his defence.

Singer Harry Styles has always been known for his unique style and individualism since One Direction split up. However, his outfit choices for the magazine cover were recently criticised by Fox News.

The news platform was slated by Fox News’ journalist Raymond Arroyo, who listed Harry’s outfits for the Vogue cover as “things to avoid in 2021”, which he went on to publicly criticise.

Almost instantaneously, the online world defended Harry’s outfit choices for the American Vogue cover, urging each other to wear what they want.

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Fox News make dig at Harry Style on Vogue

Host Raymond Arroyo introduced the subject as “culture”, stating that what he was about to say are “the things we want none of in 2021”.

During the public broadcast, he addressed Harry Styles with his American Vogue cover as a background image, and said:

Harry Styles, please stick to Armani menswear or at least pants. The gender-bending wardrobe is not edgy or artistic, you look ridiculous, and you’re not breaking any new ground.

He added: “David Bowie did this decades before you were even conceived, and the pearls are a really bad look.”

Fox News criticising Harry goes viral

Harry made history in November 2020, as the first man to ever appear on the cover of American Vogue by himself.

The backlash caused by Fox News criticising Harry Style’s fashion was the top trending worldwide hashtag on Twitter, on December 30th.

Following the public broadcast, Harry’s fans instantly took to Twitter to criticise Raymond Arroyo and Fox News.

One fan said: “Can’t stop laughing at the Fox News guy who dared to insult Harry Styles. These people never learn. His fandom will destroy you.”

“The Fox News guy saying #HarryStyles in feminine clothing is not artistic – son you do not decide what’s artistic and what isn’t. In fact, you don’t decide ANYthing. You convey,” said another.

Fans defend Harry Styles’ outfit choices

Looking at Twitter, it’s clear to see that many who watched the broadcast are on Harry’s side, and accused Fox News of being obsessed with him.

One fan said: “I always knew everyone on this earth was obsessed with Harry Styles and Fox News just proved me right once again.”

Some thought the broadcast would stop others from expressing themselves. “In 2021 can we just let people wear clothing of their choice?? Like it’s ridiculous if someone wants to wear something, just let them”, said another.

Others said that Fox News were jealous of Harry’s fashion choices. One wrote: “Fox News lowkey jealous they can’t pull off a dress and Harry can.”

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