Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new Of All Trades triumph challenges teams by forcing all players to complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid while switching buffs each round.

Seasoned parties will have no problem managing the coordination and communication that is required to pull off this challenge, but for those who have less experience, convincing six teammates to work together in unison can be a bit of a pain.

Thankfully, fellow players can created a neat workflow diagram to help everyone stay organised while switching between buffs.


How to complete the Of All Trades challenge in Destiny 2

To successfully complete the Of All Trades challenge, all six players in a raid party must play a full round as each of the three available buffs: Scanner, Operator, and Suppressor.

It’s not enough to play a few minutes or seconds of a buff and then switch; all players have to play a full round with each of the available three buffs.

This means that each round, players should alternate, spending three of the six rounds without a buff, and taking on each of the three augments in turn during the other three rounds.

How to organise a part for Jack of All Trades

Because this takes some coordination, Redditor JoeGibbons has put together a simple diagram to help players organise their parties. The system is simple: each round, players should pass each buff on to the next person in the chain.

So, if the first round, a player takes on the Scanner role, they’ll then pass that to the next player in the chain, and instead have no buff for a round. Then, in round three, they’ll take the Suppressor role from the player ahead of them in the chain.

Following this pattern, always taking a role from the same player and passing on down the chain when the round ends, all players in the party can play as each Destiny 2 buff, completing the Of All Trades challenge.

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