Addison Rae has had a lot of hate from Twitch fans after she played Among Us with some big streamers yesterday.

Although she began her career as a TikTok star, Addison Rae has now done a lot of other things. She’s done some TV presenting, been in a movie and even started her own podcast, and now it seems as though she’s making her debut in the gaming world.

The 19-year-old joined a Twitch stream on Tuesday (December 29th), playing Among Us with a number of everyone’s favourite Twitch gamers. But a lot of fans weren’t happy about it. Let’s explore the backlash…

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Addison Rae joins huge Among Us Twitch stream

On Tuesday (December 29th), Addison Rae swapped TikTok for gaming as she joined a number of different Twitch streamers to play the popular game Among Us.

Other people in the stream included Larray, James Charles, Dream, Pokimane, George Not Found, Quackity, Corpse Husband, Karl Jacobs and Bretman Rock.

She took to Twitter after the stream to thank everyone for letting her join, tweeting:

“Thank you to everyone who let me play for the stream tonight!! I had so much fun & have so much love & respect for the people I got to do it with. y’all were great 🙂 @larrayxo@jamescharles@Dream@pokimanelol@GeorgeNotFound@Quackity@Corpse_Husband@KarlJacobs_@bretmanrock.”

However, her Twitch debut didn’t go down well with fans.

Addison Rae gets backlash following Twitch stream

Since Addison Rae joined the Among Us Twitch stream she’s been getting a lot of backlash on Twitter – but why?

Well, there’s not really a reason at all. A number of people who dislike Addison are simply hating on her because she joined a Twitch stream with all their favorite streamers.

False claims began spreading on Twitter that Addison is ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’, which is allegedly why a lot of people didn’t want her in the Among us stream.

Over the past year, Addison has gained huge fame from her TikTok account, making her subject to a lot of trolling.

Fans defend Addison on Twitter

Despite the hate, many fans also took to Twitter to defend Addison, calling out people who were sending her hate for no reason at all.

One person said: “If u dislike Addison Rae, that’s valid, but do NOT hate on her just for interacting with ur favs that’s weirdchamp.”

“Yeah Addison Rae is in the lobby but who cares i’m excited for Karl, Quackity, Dream, George and Corpse together man,” said another.

Another person tweeted: “Idc if you don’t like Addison Rae just be respectful and don’t send her unnecessary hate for playing with her friends. stop gatekeeping your favorite creators it’s not cute.”

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