2020 has been a tricky year for everyone, but Aly & Aj seem to have replaced Santa as the gift that keeps on giving. The pair have re-released the explicit version to their 2007 hit “Potential Breakup Song.”

The song might be 13 years old, but it recently picked up popularity again on TikTok and fans have become re-obsessed. It is clearly a timeless hit, but now what everyone wants to know is who the song is about.

Read on to find out what inspired Aly & AJ to create the break-up anthem.

Who is Potential Breakup Song about?

AJ Michalka finally revealed that their hit single “Potential Breakup Song” wasn’t about her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas after all these years. When the song was released people were certain the heartbreak hit was inspired by her relationship with the Jonas Brothers singer, and now, the pop star has given the lowdown on its real meaning.

The internet went crazy when Aj corrected a fan who thought the Potential Breakup Song was about Joe Jonas. Instead, the 29-year-old singer admitted that her song “Flattery” was about Joe.

Aly & Aj reveal inspiration ahead of 2020 re-release!

Aly & Aj have always kept it real with their fans and been open about the meanings behind their lyrics. The duo has finally shared how they feel about re-visiting their stardom past.

“None of it is ever a secret, we’re always willing to share,” the singer revealed. “It’s just that sometimes, speaking on songs that existed so long ago and were a part of your childhood — whether it was a heartbreak or a great relationship or whatever it might be — you kind of feel embarrassed to go backwards and address it because it was such a different chapter in your life. You don’t feel as connected to it anymore, now that you’re an adult.”

However, the stars have gone backwards and addressed their 2007 hit song. Not only did they remix it to become an explicit version but gave it a major glow-up. The 2020 release is out now so take a listen!

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