Cardi B shared a hilarious tweet online threatening British cartoon character, Peppa Pig, for encouraging her daughter to jump in puddles.

“Muddy Puddles” feature frequently in Peppa Pig, the television show, and the characters are often shown enjoying splashing around in the mud.

Parents have been sharing their own experiences with how Peppa Pig has influenced their own children and the responses are hilarious!

Cardi B threatens Peppa Pig on Twitter

On December 28th Cardi B shared a tweet with her followers threatening Peppa Pig for ruining her daughter, Kulture’s, Ugg Boots.

She tweeted:

“My baby been watching Peppa Pig and now every time she sees a wet puddle she wants to stomp on top of it That s**t gets me so tight ! F**kin up her uggs……Deum you peppa pig …COUNT YOUR F**KIN DAYS!”

Someone later made an edited video showing Kulture’s face on Peppa Pig’s body, to which Cardi B replied: “Sooo cute lols.”

The first episode of Peppa Pig is called “Muddy Puddles” and throughout the rest of the show, the characters are frequently shown jumping in muddy puddles.

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Twitter reacts to Cardi B’s Peppa Pig tweet

After Cardi B tweeted about Peppa Pig, other parents have been sharing their own experiences with Peppa Pig.

One mother replied to Cardi’s tweet, writing: “Wait till she starts calling you “Mummy Pig” like my daughter calls me lol. She also watches Peppa Pig in Spanish and I’m also, “Mama Cerdita.”

Another parent tweeted: “Exactly what my daughter did after watching peppa pig. How many d**n shoes and pants I had to wash and buy lol.”

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