Like most of Netflix users, you’ve probably fell in love with Bridgerton and want more. So, here are the best TV shows like Bridgerton.

So you’ve fallen in love with the immaculate costumes, juicy gossip and risqué storylines in Netflix’s Bridgerton, but have had it taken away after you binged the whole thing in one sitting? You wouldn’t be alone.

Fear not as we have compiled an extensive list of shows like Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton, that will fill the gossip-period-drama-hole left in your life.


TV shows like Bridgerton


If you liked the blending of a period drama with more risqué storylines, then Harlots is for you. Set in Victorian London, it follows the lives and tragedy of rival harlot houses in London, and the drama that follows them. With aristocrats, murder and love, it has it all in. Plus, the costumes are just as impressive.

You can watch Harlots on BBC iPlayer, Prime Video and Hulu.

Anne with an E

Anne with an E is a Netflix show like Bridgerton, and is based on the book Anne of Green Gables. The show is a coming-of-age drama following an orphan, Anne, who is adopted by a wealthy family.

This show is more of a PG one than Bridgerton, so if it’s the explicit drama that had you hooked, others in the list may be better suited.


Just like Bridgerton’s soundtrack with Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, Dickinson features modern musicians too. The show has Wiz Khalifa as part of the cast, and stars Hailee Steinfeld as a young Emily Dickinson.

The show follows famous writer Emily Dickinson before she achieved notoriety, as she rebels against her strict family and background. Dickinson is available on Apple TV.


Belgravia is made by the same team as Downton Abbey, so you know you’re in for a treat. Just like Bridgerton, Belgravia begins at an extravagant ball. As the name would suggest, it’s set in London and starts at the famous ball on the eve of The Battle of Waterloo. Drama unfolds and secrets emerge of London’s wealthiest families.

You can catch Belgravia on Prime Video and ITV Player.

Gentleman Jack

Unlike other series, Gentleman Jack is actually set in Yorkshire in 1832. The show is based on the Lister diaries, which were written in code and documented years of lesbian relationships.

Gentleman Jack follows the story of Anne Lister, a landowner in the Industrial Revolution, who is fighting to save her ancestral home.

You can see it on BBC iPlayer and Hulu.


Set before Bridgerton, Outlander actually spans across two different eras. The show tells the story a 1946 nurse who is transported back to 1743. Claire Randall, the nurse, is already married in her original life, but things become complicated when she meets love interest Jamie Fraser in 1743.

Outlander is filming its sixth season now and can be found on Amazon Prime. US viewers can watch it on Netflix.

The Great

Starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hault, The Great is a 2020 series set in 18th century rural Russia. Elle Fanning’s character meets a classic dilemma of choosing her personal life or her country, after she marries a Russian emperor.

The Great is available on Hulu and Prime Video.

The Crown

So we’re sure The Crown needs no introduction, but if you have managed to miss it (how’s that rock you’ve been living under?), it follows the history of the British Royal Family. Following both the well-documented and little-known secrets and stories of the royals, The Crown is a fan favourite and the latest series focuses completely on Diana and Charles.

The Crown is available on Netflix.

Bonus: Marie Antoinette

Okay, so not technically a TV show but certainly like Bridgerton. Marie Antoinette is a 2006 film that documents the rise and fall of the French royal family. Just like Bridgerton, the film blends modern features with period ones. See if you can spot the converse during the French Revolution.

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