It seems that the Corona Extra pale lager isn’t the only thing that the Coronavirus has ruined. Similar to loving a baby name then remembering that’s what your evil Year 4 school teacher was called – Covid-19 has plagued many names.

Many fans of the Disney film Tangled think that coronavirus has something to do with the name of the kingdom in the movie. That would mean coronavirus has successfully ruined the name of another thing…

Read on to find out what the name of the kingdom in Tangled is called!

What was the name of the kingdom in Tangled?

  • The Kingdom in the Disney 2010 film Tangled was called ‘Corona’

The film had many references which 10 years on have become reality for people all over the world. During the film, Rapunzel was locked in her room distanced from society for 18 years. Let’s hope we’re not enduring 2020 for 17 more years if only we could let down our long hair and escape this pandemic.

People are wondering whether the kingdoms name would be changed if a Tangled 2 was to be made. Rapunzel and Rider have hopefully left the Corona PandemicPalace and made their way to VaccineVille. Somehow Disney will figure out a way to change the name of the Kingdom so we don’t have to be reminded of the dreaded C word…Corona!

Disney movie resurfaces due to Covid-19!

The only thing that we should be taking from this is that Rapunzel was in isolation for 18 years and still managed to find her prince charming without kissing any frogs. So if the dating apps aren’t working, still hold hope that if Rapunzel waited 18 years you can wait another 8 months.

The lyrics to “When Will My Life Begin,” the first song featured in the film, are also resemblant of most people’s daily routine whilst they have been bored in lockdown. Rapunzel’s daily schedule consists of sweeping the floors, mopping and doing laundry – maybe we’re not so similar, binge-watching Netflix more like?

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