After popular demand, Disney+ has added Bizaardvark to their series list. Now, everyone is wondering who the horse face guy is in season 3, episode 9.

As we’ve been in lockdown basically all 2020, we are slowly running out of shows to watch.

Disney+ has decided to bring back the 2016 series Bizaardvark, to help us power through the days spent at home.

Bizaardvark is an American comedy tv series that aired on Disney Channel from 2016 to 2019.

Bizaardvark: Cast and premise

The comedy stars the back then teenagers Madison Hu, Olivia Rodrigo, Jake Paul, DeVore Ledridge, Ethan Wacker, Maxwell Simkins, and Elie Samouhi.

The plot revolves around Frankie (Madison Hu) and Paige (Olivia Rodrigo), who are two teenage best friends posting comic videos on the internet, on a platform named Vuuugle.

The series has often been compared to another Disney Channel series, iCarly, but they both remain successful.

Bizaardvark has 3 seasons and 63 episodes overall. Episode 9 Season 3, titled “Who is Horse Face Guy?”, is one of the fans’ most favourite as it features a special guest.

Who is horse face guy in Bizaardvark?

  • The guy who wears a horse face covering is Ross Kobelak.

Ross Kobelak is an American film and stage actor. He was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and he’s 29 years old.

Ross Kobelak is best known for his roles as Robbie Slagel on Beginnings and Horse Face Guy on Bizaardvark. His most recent work is Ice Cream in the Cupboard in 2019.

In Bizaardvark, he has his own Vuuugle channel named “Horse Face Guy”.

He also appears on others’ videos but never speaks; he prefers to express himself through his body language.

He doesn’t want to show his face, which makes the audience wonder who is behind the horse face covering.

Twitter reactions to Bizaardvark

Fans who were waiting for the comedy to be available on Disney+ took over Twitter to show their excitement.

One wrote “I have the Bizaardvark theme song stuck in my head help how did this happen”, while another one tweeted “oh my god Bizaardvark. I remember watching it un-ironically in 2016 when I was like eleven. (I still secretly watch it).”

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