Taylor Swift has been victim to a fake news story that stems from an edited photo that was shared on Twitter.

Some social media users were caught-out by the hoax which made out that Taylor had made a Nashville reference in a tweet, on the same day of the explosion. However, this is not the case.

Taylor tweeted on December 16th, before an edited version of the photo circulated online nine days later.

Taylor Swift’s Nashville tweet explained

The screenshot of Taylor’s tweet that has been circulating online is NOT REAL.

Celebrities are often victims of photo editing and this tweet happens to be one of them. The original tweet, which was later edited, was posted by Taylor on December 16th.

As you can see below.

Taylor had used the image to promote her song ‘Willow.’ The original post read, “Ever find yourself waiting for the signal & meeting someone after dark & happening upon a majestic coven in the woods? Me neither but do you want your [music] to make you FEEL like that? Then the “willow moonlit witch version” is for you.”

On December 25th, a fake picture went viral which displayed Taylor posing for the same photo as above, however with an edited caption that read “Some of you seem alright. Don’t go to Nashville on Christmas.”

If you see this photo and caption online, know that it is not real and did not come Taylor Swift.

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