The ending to Dolittle has a lot of people confused: we knew he’d speak to animals, but we definitely didn’t know he’d do that!

Dolittle has been reimagined for new audiences, but that ending… let’s get that explained. 

It’s not quite how we thought it would be, but nevertheless, we’re over the moon to see the one-and-only Robert Downey Jr. back on our screens!

The 55-year-old American actor has turned in a range of memorable roles across his career, with such efforts as Sherlock Holmes, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac, Short Cuts and Natural Born Killers spotlighting him at his very best – at least, up until 2008.  

This was the year that he became Tony Stark. Jon Favreau’s Iron Man was a phenomenal blockbuster and successfully launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To say the character of Tony was perfect for Robert would be a total understatement. Many fans argue his performance is the very best in the MCU, making us laugh, smile, and in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, cry.  

Now, he’s back in the latest take on the doctor who can speak to animals with Dolittle, of course, in the titular role of Dr. John Dolittle.  

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Viewers react on Twitter…

With a premise like this one, there’s so much room to let your imagination soar. 

However, despite expectations, the film has managed to take viewers by surprise with its curious ending. Many have taken to Twitter to express their confusion and thoughts. 

Dolittle (2020) ending 

So, this is what all the fuss is about…

In the wake of a big battle sequence, Dolittle determines what is wrong with an irritated dragon – it’s constipated. That’s right… constipated. 

Being the good doctor he is, our brave protagonist decides to, politely speaking, help remove the clog. This involves him going up to his shoulders inside the dragon’s anus, and he pulls out a bunch of random things, from bones to bagpipes!

If that wasn’t bizarre enough though, it’s worth noting that the dragon then lets out a fart into Dolittle’s face. 

Even after the recent shock of seeing Cats, this still feels like a really, really odd approach to take.  

Dolittle (2020) ending explained

The gang are looking for the Eden tree and their quest is to retrieve the fruit it boasts. 

However, it’s being guarded by a dragon, and after it wipes out hordes of attackers it’s clear that the heroes of the story aren’t going to be able to take it on. Also, this is a kids movie… you can’t just go in and kill a dragon. Shrek taught us that much. 

So, there needs to be a way for them to get the fruit without that. So, it’s settled with words at first. Dolittle and the dragon have both lost someone, and they bond and connect over their shared loss. Honestly, reflecting on the scene at this point they could’ve easily wrapped it up here – they have something in common and the dragon surrenders the fruit. 

It’s not exactly a show-stopper though, is it? So instead, they have the doctor remove a horrific blockage, lending the film some baffling shock-value. 

Perhaps it was just a case of the writers sitting down and saying: “they can’t just talk it out… it needs something extra. We have Robert, so let’s make the audience laugh.” You can see what they were going for, but the narrative decision to have him do that… it’s just crazy!

But, it allows them to complete their quest all the same. Also, we suspect the word of mouth it’s generating will encourage a lot more people to go and see it, so it makes a little more sense from this perspective. 

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