Twitter can be a scary place at times. Sometimes, false news about death seems to take up the social media platform. This time, Bill Clinton became the victim of a death hoax as ‘Bill Clinton dead’ trended all over Twitter.

Recently, death hoaxes have been sweeping the internet. Many stars in the past had to face the same. Right from celebrities like David Vlas to Drake, celebrities have fallen prey to such trends. Recently, Clinton has been on the receiving end of this.


‘Bill Clinton dead’ hashtag and questions started spreading on social media after ‘The Reveal Report’ claimed that Clinton had passed away past weekend. The outlet further confirmed that a source close to the family revealed the news of his death would be made public soon.

Many were quick to believe this and questioned if something happened to the 42nd U.S. President. “Has anyone else read Bill Clinton is dead and will be announced soon? I read a tweet earlier and nothing since?” read one comment. “I heard Bill Clinton is dead. Anyone confirm this?” questioned another. “Why is Twitter saying Bill Clinton is dead?” wrote another confused user.

However, the outlet fails to tell where or how they got this information from. The outlet, which has a following of 143, often shares news reported by other outlets. Judging from its past, the outlet does not hold any credible value. The news about Clinton’s death is just another hoax added to the long list.

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Bill Clinton is doing just fine. His wife Hillary Clinton recently took to social media to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. Sharing a picture of their Holiday card from 1993, Hillary wrote, “Wishing you a warm, healthy, and very merry Christmas. As we all celebrate in small-scale ways to keep each other safe this year, I’m remembering past celebrations and looking forward to more next year.”

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