Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s picture has reportedly leaked online. It is alleged that the singer’s phone was hacked. However, it is unconfirmed if the picture circulating online is of Taylor and Joe.

Taylor and Joe have kept their relationship under wraps for a long time. The news about the pair hanging out started surfacing in 2016. In 2017, several outlets confirmed that Taylor was dating Joe. Even though the two were tight-lipped about their relationship, Taylor hinted things have been going great for them as they ended up writing songs together.

Photo by Jackson Lee/GC Images

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn leaked picture:

Several people took to social media after an alleged picture of Taylor and Joe leaked online. It is believed the picture surfaced online after Taylor’s phone got hacked. Undoubtedly, it sent social media into a frenzy. The picture is allegedly a mirror selfie, as reported by Newpakweb.

The outlet reports, in the picture, Taylor is allegedly wearing a pink wig while Joe is shirtless and posing. Taylor is reportedly the one who is taking a picture. As soon as people started sharing pictures online, Taylor’s fans came to her rescue. They asked people to take down the pictures as they were private.

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For those who are aware of Taylor’s fans and their power, it was no surprise that people were quick to take down the picture. Some even started sharing another Taylor and Joe’s picture on social media. “Taylor Swift pink hair,” read one comment along with an edited picture of Taylor and Joe.

Another wrote, “Taylor Swift pink wig. Taylor Swift leaked. Taylor leak. Taylor pink wig Joe Alywn leaked” with a picture of a girl wearing a pink wig.

Is the leaked picture real?

It cannot if confirmed if it is Taylor and Joe in the picture. In the past, several celebrities have been a victim of photoshop. Since Joe and Taylor have kept their relationship private all the time, it is possible someone might have photoshopped the image. Taylor or Joe have not commented on the picture leak yet.

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