The latest reimagining of A Christmas Carol is a brilliant adaptation of Dickens’ classic novella, but where was the BBC miniseries filmed?

If you think the source material has been exhausted with adaptations, think again.

Charles Dickens’ classic novella was first published in 1843 and has captivated readers ever since. It was always ripe for adaptation, and over the years we’ve seen a wealth of talented individuals bring it to the screen, and of course, the stage.

You’d struggle to find anyone unfamiliar with its story and the universal themes at its core, and thanks to that, there’s always interest when people breathe new life into it. 

After 1992’s iconic The Muppets Christmas Carol, it was pretty much anything goes. So, when audiences were told to expect a new vision courtesy of the BBC, there was inevitable excitement and speculation. 

The 2019-produced reimagining is a welcome treat, but where was A Christmas Carol filmed?

BBC: A Christmas Carol 

This time, we tuck into the tale as a miniseries, spending much more time with a new take on Ebenezer Scrooge (played brilliantly by Guy Pearce, Memento). 

Guy is great in the lead, but he also stars alongside such terrific talents as Stephen Graham (The Irishman), Charlotte Riley (Easy Virtue) and Andy Serkis (War for the Planet of the Apes). As for the writer, it was penned by Steven Knight, who has previously given us Locke, Hummingbird, Eastern Promises and more. 

This time around, it’s a far darker vision, boasting some rather scary moments and a range of chilling sequences… 

Where was A Christmas Carol (2019) filmed?

As highlighted by the Express, some of the street scenes were filmed in Hampstead. More specifically, the Hampstead Parish Church was used as a location, with the team replacing the sign outside with one reading  “Saint Giles Church of Bishopgate”.

Of course, a lot of fake snow came in handy!

A number of scenes were also filmed in Warwickshire at Lord Leycester Hospital. A number of the buildings there boast features built centuries ago, making it a great location to shoot.

As for Scrooge’s home, the source notes scenes were shot in London at the likes of Rainham Hall. It was closed to the public during the time of production.  

Considering it’s set in 19th-century Victorian England, the crew did well to help sculpt a transportive viewing experience. 

Audiences talk A Christmas Carol on Twitter

The adaptation has attracted a range of opinions so far.

One wrote on Twitter: “I’ve always considered A Christmas Carol to be horror, but this BBC version on FX is much darker and I’m loving it. Guy Pearce’s Scrooge is great.”

On the contrary, another tweeted: “So far this new BBC version of A Christmas Carol is awful. Trying to make it ‘edgy’ just doesn’t work.”

A number of people feel the same way, but this viewer argued: “Why are folks getting precious about the BBC adaptation of A Christmas Carol?! I loved it! I don’t recall this outrage when Sherlock didn’t make constant direct reference to the texts. Come on people, let go of the reigns a little.”

It’s not all serious though, with one tweet joking: “Mum just asked why there is only one Marley brother in this BBC adaptation of A Christmas Carol, correctly assuming that The Muppets Christmas Carol is the original text.”

We hope you’re enjoying it!

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