Jordan Firstman has landed himself in hot water after his past tweets surfaced online once again. Fans called him out for racist and tone-deaf tweets. The comedian has apologized for what he said nearly eight years ago.

Jordan was quick to become a target for online users after some of his tweets surfaced online. Many people came forward to support Jordan. However, it was not enough. The comedian had to apologize to people for the past tweets he had made.

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Why was Jordan Firstman cancelled?

Jordan’s racist tweets on Twitter sparked social media outrage. It all started when diet panda dug up some of the tweets that the comedian had shared in the past. The tweet included statements like “speaking of homeless, people..has anyone tried killing one?”

Another read, “I hate Indian people because at my last Dublin donuts they knew my name and order, and at this one, they don’t.” Users called out Jordan for making tone-deaf statements. Many tried to defend the comedian by calling the comments jokes. However, it was not enough to win over the public.

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Jordan Firstman apologizes for his tweets

After facing Twitter backlash, Jordan was quick to realize his mistakes. The comedian took to social media to apologize for his past tweets. “I wrote some offensive jokes on Twitter in 2012 when I was 19 that is now being circulated online. I am deeply regretful and sorry for these tweets,” he wrote.

He continued, “I was young and dumb and trying to find my comedic voice. I have grown a million lifetimes since and I do not stand by them in any way. I say this with 100 percent confidence and purity, all I want is for everyone on earth to live a happy, equal, and fruitful life filled with love and laughter. I will continue to work on myself and continue to grow as I have always sought to do. I love you all. Truly all,” he wrote on Instagram.

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