Whodini’s John Fletcher, also known as Ecstasy, has passed away at 56. The news of his death was confirmed by the group’s Grand Master Dee. Tributes started pouring in after the news of his death was confirmed.

John gained a lot of fans while he was a member of Whodini. To date, their music holds the same spot in the hearts of the people. The group even managed to earn a Hip Hop Icon Award in 2018. John was known for his music and his unique hat that always stood out.

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How did John Fletcher die?

The cause of death for John is currently unknown. John’s brother, Douglas Fletcher, admitted the news of the singer’s death came as a shock to everyone. Douglas revealed John had passed away on Wednesday (December 23). He further added that John had been awake on Wednesday and spoke to everyone. However, all of a sudden, he reportedly stopped breathing.

John was surrounded by his family members at the time of his death. His band members took to Twitter to pay their respects.

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Fans flood Twitter with tribute messages

Fans were quick to flood Twitter with messages of tribute for the singer. “When we lose someone, it’s a hurt to our heart. And this one hits closer to home than any other. Today…we lost another beloved member of the African-American community. R.I.P. to John Fletcher, one of the members of the pioneering Hip Hop group, Whodini. You will be missed!” read one comment.

I just got the news from Instagram that John Fletcher A.K.A. Ecstasy of Whodini is DEAD. My God what the heck is happening??” wrote another. I can’t believe he’s gone! So thankful I went to see my favorite rap group of the ’80s when they were in Ohio touring 2 years ago. Video quality is poor because I was too busy dancing!” recalled a fan.

“A sad day for hip-hop and the music industry. Rest in Peace John Fletcher aka “Ecstasy” of Rap group WHODINI. Another legend gone too soon. One Love & condolences,” read another comment. “Crushed the discover that John Fletcher, aka Ecstasy of the legendary rap group Whodini just crossed the water at age 56. In high school I could recite every word of every song from Whodini’s first three albums Played them until the wax cracked & the tapes wore out. Rest easy, Ex,” stated another.

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