Did Quavo pay for Saweetie’s private jet? How much is a private jet? Some fans have flocked to social media to offer their thoughts.

Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper has earned a significant fanbase through her Saweetie career, boasting such singles as ‘Icy Grl’, ‘My Type’ and ‘Tap In’.

The 27-year-old currently has over 10 million monthly listeners of Spotify, along with 8.9 million followers on Instagram.

With many eyes and ears on her music and lifestyle, you’ll surely be aware of her relationship with 29-year-old American rapper Quavo. The pair started dating back in 2018 and fans have been labelling them a power couple ever since.

Recently, Saweetie took to Instagram and posted a snap of her boarding a private jet, along with the caption: “Fly in fashion I make myself proud.”

She also posted a number of videos to her story, saying that she was boarding her very first jet: “I got my first mother f**king jet.. I’m hella happy. This sh*t hell mother f**king big I know that’s mother f**king right.”

However, some are speculating that Quavo bought it…

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Did Quavo pay for Saweetie’s private jet?

  • Quavo has not stated that he paid for Saweetie’s private jet.

Perhaps Saweetie is leasing the jet we saw on Instagram long-term.

The reason some are speculating whether Quavo paid for the jet is because of Saweetie’s net worth, as highlighted by Cheatsheet.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Saweetie has a 2020 net worth of $4 million.

On the other hand, Quavo has a net worth of $26 million.

So, this has led to a number of people contemplating whether Saweetie paid for the private jet herself on Twitter:

However, others aren’t surprised at all…

How much is a private jet?

As noted by Investopedia, a private jet can cost anywhere from $2 million to over $100 million.

There are ongoing expenses which need to be accounted for too, as you may also be paying for flight crew salaries, expenses, maintenance, repairs, insurance, hangar rental… you get the picture.

Of course, leasing a private jet is far cheaper.

Leasing one long term arguably has the same benefits as owning one, without the concrete financial commitments. You can also dry-lease a private jet, which means you’re leasing without pilots, crew and insurance etc.

Investopedia adds that this is often done for longer timeframes, so it may be what Saweetie did with the jet seen on Instagram.

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