Instagram users are reporting errors with the app today, claiming that the site will not let them like posts. How can you fix it?

December has been a bad month for Instagram users, as people around the world have been reporting more errors with the app than ever before. There have been reports of the app crashing, failing to load posts, not refreshing, being unable to watch Instagram Stories and so much more.

The latest reports see people claiming that they are unable to like other people’s posts, but why? Let’s explore the problems.

Instagram won’t let people like posts

Since Tuesday (December 22nd), Instagram users have been reporting errors when trying to use the app.

The main issue seems to be that the app won’t let users like other posts, whilst others have been reporting that a ‘we restrict certain activity’ message pops up when they try to like another post.

Issues mainly seem to be affecting Instagram users in the UK, however there have been reports of errors elsewhere.

What does ‘we restrict certain activity’ mean?

Many Instagram users have reported receiving an error message that says “we restrict certain activities to protect our community”. But what does that mean? Let’s explore why Instagram is showing this message.

If you try and like a post and this message appears it means that you are action blocked. This means that you have been blocked from using certain features on the app, such as liking or commenting on posts or following people.

Action blocks usually occur when Instagram classes you as spam. The app’s algorithm works to prevent automated activity from robots and can sometimes confuse this with human interaction if you’ve been liking a lot of posts or following a lot of people in a short space of time.

Many people are reporting that Instagram has action blocked them without reason, and this seems to be an error with Instagram. But how do you fix it?

How to fix Instagram’s action block

Unfortunately, if you have been action blocked by Instagram, there isn’t any way to fix it.

Action blocks aren’t permanent and usually disappear within 12 to 48 hours, so unfortunately you’ll just have to wait.

You’ll be able to like posts again soon!

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