Belle Delphine recently opened up about her finances online. Here’s exactly how much does she make per month from her OnlyFans.

After a long hiatus from social media, Belle Delphine is back and more popular than ever before. Whilst she doesn’t post on her YouTube channel, the social media star continues to be active on Instagram and Twitter, and she’s got a new source of income – OnlyFans.

She’s quickly become one of the most popular content creators on the subscription site, but how much money does she make? Well, she recently revealed the exact figure on Logan Paul’s podcast and it’s pretty extortionate.

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How much does Belle Delphine make per month?

  • $1 million.

Belle recently revealed that she makes roughly $1 million per month just from her OnlyFans account. This sum doesn’t include money she makes from YouTube or any other income streams.

Belle Delphine revealed her earnings on Logan Paul’s podcast

Belle Delphine appeared on Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive this week and it was there that she revealed exactly how much she earns through OnlyFans.

She didn’t reveal exactly how many subscribers she has, but said: “All, like, the main people on Only Fans are roughly earning the same, I think… From what I know, and at the moment it’s, like, a mill a month.”

Logan’s co-host Mike Makjlak then confirmed that most of the highest earning American women on OnlyFans make between $400,000 to $600,000 per month, putting Belle Delphine above all of them.

Belle also recently did an interview with The Spectator, and the article reveals an exact figure of $1.2 million per month.

Belle Delphine (Belle Delphine/Instagram)

How many OnlyFans subscribers does she have?

It costs $35 to subscribe to Belle’s OnlyFans, which is a very high subscription cost compared to most content creators. The maximum subscription price is $49.99, and she definitely charges one of the highest amounts on the site.

Belle’s exact number of monthly subscribers is unknown, but it can be estimated at around 25,000 ($35 x 25,000 = 875,000 per month). Plus, she probbaly makes a lot of extra money through tips, adding up to $1 million in total per month.

She gains her money by posting x-rated, explicit content, and is even releasing her first ever porn film on Christmas Day.

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