Congress have announced a second round of stimulus checks which would entitle many people across America to $600, and people are reacting with a viral Clark Griswold meme.

Earlier this year, the US approved the first round of stimulus checks, providing financial relief to people who qualified. Now, they’ve finally announced a long-awaited second round of checks as part of the government’s $900 billion relief package. 

This will entitle people who qualify to a one-off payment of $600. However, there’s been a lot of backlash on social media as people claim they should be offering more.

Now, stimulus check memes are flooding Twitter. The latest one to go viral is the Clark Griswold Stimulus Meme – here’s exactly what it means.

What is the Clark Griswold Stimulus Meme?

A new meme is going viral in response to the US government’s second stimulus check announcement, with people comparing it to someone called Clark Griswold. If you haven’t seen the famous movie scene, then you’re probably a little confused by the meme, so let’s explain it.

Clark Griswold is the main character from a film series that started in 1983 called National Lampoon’s Vacation. The series distributed by Warner Bros has five films that all follow the story of the Griswold family who attempt to go on vacations which are always plagued with disaster.

In the third film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, there is a scene where Clark gets a check delivered to him from his company containing what he thinks is going to be his Christmas bonus.

However, when he opens the envelope it actually turns out to be a one-year subscription to the Jelly of the Month club, a company that delivers jellies, jams and fruit preserves.

People on Twitter are comparing the US’s second round of stimulus checks to the scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, claiming that their reaction to the sum was the same as Clark Griswold’s.

Many American’s were excited about the prospect of finally receiving a second stimulations check payment as the bill was set to be approved. However, the payments could be delayed even further after Donald Trump hinted that he might not sign it unless changes are made, wanting the payments to be increased to $2,000.

One person wrote on Twitter: “This $600 stimulus check is the equivalent of Clark Griswold getting a susbscription to the Jelly of the Month Club as a Christmas bonus.”

“I feel like Clark griswold when he found out he got jelly of the month club, and wouldn’t be getting a bonus. #StimulusBill that almost happened @realDonaldTrump is the boss. Almost had a stimulus check,” said another.

Many had hoped that the stimulus checks would be approved very soon, however this now seems highly unlikely.

A third person said: “For many suffering Americans $600 stimulus check is equivalent to Clark Griswold receiving subscription to ‘jelly of the month club’ instead of much needed Christmas bonus. Total letdown.”

“Anyone else feel like the $600 stimulus check is the real-life equivalent to Clark Griswold’s Christmas bonus?” another person tweeted.

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