Snapchat users are just discovering an inbuilt game called Bitmoji Paint, but what actually is it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Back in 2019, Snapchat launched a feature called Bitmoji Games, allowing users to play virtual multiplayer games with other Snapchat users around the world using their customisable avatars. However, lots of people don’t actually know that these games exist!

Snapchat now has 25 games, from cooking to spelling, puzzles to waterslide racing, there are loads of different ones to choose from.

One of the most popular ones is Bitmoji Paint, and here’s exactly what it involves.

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What is Bitmoji Paint?

Bitmoji Paint is a multiplayer game that uses Snapchat’s customisable avatars known as Bitmoji’s. Essentially, it allows millions of players around the world to group together and paint on one giant canvas.

The game has three modes, Move, Paint and Map, which all allow Snapchat users to create their own artwork and contribute to one big live, editable collage.

You can paint anything you want, but painting anything offensive or inappropraite will result in your account receiving a lifetime ban.

Where to find Bitmoji Paint on the Snapchat app

To play Bitmoji Paint:

  • Go onto the chat (the person will be notified that you’re playing the game).
  • Click on the rocket icon on the right-hand side of the chat box.
  • Find Bitmoji Paint and press ‘Play’.
Snapchat Paint

How to play Bitmoji Paint

Once you’ve clicked ‘Play’, you’ll be shown a huge globe. You then need to tap on an island that you want to travel to. After you’ve done this, you’ll fly to the island and be able to start painting.

Use the paintbrush to choose a colour and start creating your design. You can paint anything you want, and even paint over other people’s creations.

Zoom out by pinching the screen to see the whole canvas!

Snapchat Paint

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