Need the ending to Netflix’s hit Korean horror series ‘Sweet Home’ explained? Check out our breakdown of the final moments from the season 1 finale!

The latest Korean series to land on Netflix, Sweet Home, is arguably one of the best new shows of 2020.

With fantastic characters, terrifying monsters and clever storytelling, the series has received widespread praise from fans around the world.

The season 1 finale saw the final battle between the two ‘special infectee’ of Green Home, followed by Hyun-soo giving himself up to the government soldiers as the survivor’s escape.

However, there were quite a few aspects of the season finale that were slightly confusing, so let’s try to explain the ending to Sweet Home.

Lee Eun-hyuk’s nose bleed…

In the final showdown between the government soldiers and the survivors of the Green Home building, Lee Eun-hyuk leaves the group to chase after Cha Hyun-soo.

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Whilst he fails to talk Hyun-soo out of facing the soldiers, albeit he didn’t try very hard, he then decides to stay in the crumbling building instead of going back to the bunker.

However, as he listens to music and rumble starts to come down around him, his nose begins to pour out blood – a sign of being infected.

This means that he is now experiencing ‘The Golden Hour’ and potentially has special healing abilities. Does he have these powers in time to survive the building collapsing?

It would make sense from a production standpoint, i.e., why show him with a nose bleed in the seconds before he dies if not to suggest he could survive the situation?

Firefighter turned SWAT….

As the survivors escape the bunker and tunnel system, well done to Bom the dog there, they are greeted by the government soldiers who have been waiting for them.

However, the officer in charge of the soldiers tells Seo Yi-kyeong that their deal has not yet been fulfilled; they still have information on her fiancée that she wants.

The next time we see the former firefighter and special forces officer, she is in full military gear and driving a jeep away from the scene.

We are assuming that she is now part of the government’s plan to subdue all ‘special infectee’ victims, meaning that she could be part of the team to hunt down Hyun-soo, but who’s side is she really on?

A potential timeskip…

The final scene of season 1 was one that confused quite a lot of people, showing Sang-Wook (who was previously shown to be on the verge of death himself) in military gear and an armoured truck escorting Hyun-soo away.

There has obviously been a skip in time by this point, but whether it be hours, days or weeks is currently unclear. We do see Hyun-soo healing from bullet wounds, but it is not clear if these are definitely from the soldiers on the bridge or from another attack.

It appears that Hyun-soo has been in his metamorphized-monster state since we last saw him in the snow, but how is Sang-wook alive and in the truck? How did he survive the gunshot wound?

The most logical answer…is that the Sang-wook we see driving Hyun-soo away is not the real Sang-wook.

In the final scene, we see Ui-Myeong, the other special infectee, escape in the SWAT truck in his ‘slime-form’. This could mean that the Sang-wook we see in the final scene is in fact Ui-Myeong, who is now possessing his body – which also explains the lack of facial burns.

However, there is also the possibility that Sang-wook himself has also become a ‘special infectee’ and now has healing abilities himself. Hopefully, all our questions about the finale of Sweet Home will be answered in season 2.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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