The Christmas No.1 is a coveted spot on the charts which has previously been occupied by artists like Pink Floyd, Mariah Carey, The Beatles and Queen.

This year, Kunt and the Gang have released a song which is climbing its way up the charts, and appears to have a strong chance of being this year’s Christmas number one.

The song, which is a critique of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has received support from Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker, and Wildhearts frontman, Ginger.

The Kunts release Boris Johnson song

Kunt and the Gang is a British synthpop dark musical comedian who originated as a council worker from Basildon in 2003.

The song is one minute and 21 seconds and the lyrics are as follows:

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“Boris Johnson is a f***ing c**t!/ He’s a f***ing c**t!/ He’s a f***ing c**t!/ Boris Johnson is a f***ing c**t!/ He’s a f***ing c**t/ Yes, he’s a f***ing c**t.”

Charlie Brooker, the writer behind the Black Mirror television show, shared his support for the song, tweeting a link to the song with the caption: “Christmas No.1.”

Could The Kunts get a Christmas Number 1?

The band released a censored version of the song and in the midweek chart, revealed on BBC Radio 1 by Vick Hope and Katie Thistleton the record was a new entry at number 19 on 20th December 2020.

According to Louder Sound, the song is currently at number 2 on the iTunes and Amazon downloads charts, behind LadyBaby’s Don’t Stop Me Eatin’.

It is possible that The Kunts’ song could make it to number one on the charts, but we will have to wait and see!

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