The Lovestruck in the City cast features a number of familiar faces, so let’s consider who stars in the 2020 South Korean Netflix series.

It has been a significant year for Netflix and they’ve knocked it out of the park with such hits as The Queen’s Gambit, Tiger King and many more diverse titles.

The streaming service has become a reliable hub for a variety of content, with fans of South Korean entertainment being invited to check out a number of celebrated shows throughout 2020.

One of the latest to emerge is Lovestruck in the City.

Premiering on Tuesday, December 22nd, new episodes will arrive on Tuesdays and Fridays up until Friday, January 29th 2021.

As highlighted by What’s on Netflix, the series centres on Park Jae Won, an architect and romantic whose life is changed when a woman swiftly enters his life. Lee Eun Oh reinvents herself as the carefree Yun Seon Ah and the pair embark on a relationship which plays out across 12 episodes.

Now, let’s talk about casting…

Lovestruck in the City cast: Ji Chang-wook

In one of two leads, we have Ji Chang-wook as Park Jae Won!

The 33-year-old South Korean actor is known for starring in such TV titles as Warrior Baek Dong-soo (he played the titular role), Empress Ki (Ta Hwan), Healer (Seo Jung-Hoo), The K2 (Kim je Ha), Suspicious Partner (Noh Ji Wook), Melting Me Softly (Ma Dong Chan) and Backstreet Rookie (Choi ae Hyun).

On the other hand, he arguably rose to prominence courtesy of his part in Smile Again (Carl Laker / Dong-hae).

He is also a singer and you can find him on Instagram over at @jichangwook; he currently has 15 million followers.

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Kim Ji-won stars!

Then, in the role of As Lee Eun Oh / Yoon Sun Ah, we have 28-year-old South Korean actress Kim Ji-won.

According to IMDb, she first appeared on screens in a 2007 episode of The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.

She went on to star in a number of TV series across the 2010s, including High Kick!, What’s Up? (she played Park Tae Hee), To the Beautiful You (Seol Han Na), Heirs (Rachel Yoo), Gap Dong (Ma Ji-wool), One Sunny Day (Kim Ji Ho), Descendants of the Sun (First Lt. Yoon Myeong Joo) and Fight for my Way (Choi Ae-ra).

However, more recent projects include the TV series Arthdal Chronicles (Tan Ya), Mr. Sunshine (Ae Shin’s mother) and the 2018 movie Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead.

You can follow her on Instagram at @geewonii.

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Netflix: Lovestruck in the City 2020 cast

As acknowledged by What’s on Netflix, other members of the Lovestruck in the City cast include:

  • Kim Min Seok (Because This is My First Life, Aftermath) as Choi Gyung Joon
  • So Yu Yeon (My Healing Love) as Seo Rin
  • Ryu Kyung Soo (Itaewon Class, Confession) as Kang Gun
  • Han Ji Eun (Be Melodramatic) as Sun Young
  • Choi Min Ho (Somehow 18) as Oh Dong Shik

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