Jung Ilhoon, from Kpop boyband, BTOP, has been under investigation for habitual drug use after police found evidence suggesting his marijuana usage.

Cube Entertainment have confirmed Jung Ilhoon’s marijuana usage, and issued an apology on his behalf.

For more information on the situation, including the statement from Cube Entertainment and Channel A’s news broadcast, read on.

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Cube Entertainment confirms Jung Ilhoon’s marijuana use

On December 21st, Cube Entertainment released a statement addressing reports of Jung Ilhoon’s marijuana usage. They said:

“Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. After checking with Jung Ilhoon in regard to the news released earlier today, it has been confirmed that he has been summoned by the police investigation agency for questioning on charges of smoking marijuana, as previously reported.”

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They continued: “He feels a heavy responsibility for causing concern to many people, and he will do his best to faithfully carry out future investigations. Once again, we are sorry for causing concern.”

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Jung Ilhoon under investigation

According to a Channel A news broadcast, Ilhoon was caught on drug charges for suspicious habitual drug usage, after police were able to recover circumstantial evidence suggesting his marijuana usage.

His case was sent to prosecution in July, and Channel A said:

“Police have confirmed through testimonies and account tracking that Ilhoon smoked marijuana several times with his acquaintances, starting from 4-5 years ago and as recent as last year.”

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