Instagram is updating its Terms of Use, bringing in a new set of policies that users agree to when using the app, but it’s had some backlash from social media users and celebrities like Madonna.

As we approach the end of 2020, many social media platforms are updating their terms and conditions to ensure their site remains safe to use. TikTok just announced that it’s updated its Community Guidelines, and now Instagram has done the same.

However, Instagram’s new rules haven’t gone down well with some social media users. Let’s explore the backlash.

Instagram has updated its Terms of Use

Instagram has just announced a new and updates set of Terms of Use which will be effective from December 20th 2020.

Facebook describes these Terms of Use as the rules that “govern your use of Instagram”, and when someone creates an Instagram account or uses the site, they are agreeing to these terms.

Lots of people do not agree with the new terms that Instagram has outlined, but what exactly have they changed?

Backlash over Instagram’s new terms floods Twitter

Many people have taken to Twitter after reading Instagram’s new terms to react to them, and there’s been a lot of backlash.

A lot of the controversy relates to Instagram’s new privacy terms, with many people arguing they no longer have any privacy at all when using the app. People have suggested that the new terms allow Instagram to view and analyse things through your front camera, copy your address book, call log and SMS history and collect information from everything you search on the site.

Madonna is one of the celebrities who have shared her opinion about Instagram’s new privacy policy. In a social media post, she claimed:

“Instagram’s new cyber surveillance policies allow Mark Zuckerberg to spy on you and your family, steal your most intimate secrets and monitor your compliance with government mandates through all your devices – including your television – and sell your data to government and industry or punish you for disobedience.”

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Another thing someone picked out was the fact that “you can’t use a domain name or URL in your username without prior written consent”. If your username is the same as your domain name this could lead to your account being disabled, something which could affect many online content creators.

It seems as though Instagram’s rules on nudity and explicit content have been made stricter too, however many people are complaining that the censorship rules are now too tough, leading to content being removed and deemed ‘unacceptable’ unnecessarily.

The new rules also state that if someone’s account has been disabled before, Instagram is allowed to disable it again without a reason, which could lead to many of everyone’s favourite Instagram creators being banned from the site forever.

Read Instagram’s new Terms of Use here.

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