Social media has been buzzing with ‘Tiffany Dover dead’ news after the nurse was spotted taking the Pfizer’s vaccine live on air.

Many people have volunteered to take Pfizer’s vaccine, and Tiffany happened to be one of them. However, things took a different turn for her after she fainted on live television. People started questioning the credibility of the vaccine after watching Tiffany on television.

Tiffany Dover (WRCB YouTube)

Who is Tiffany Dover?

Tiffany Pontes Dover is a Tennessee nurse who had stepped forward to take the COVID-19 vaccine in front of live television. Tiffany, 30, is also a mother of two. She worked as a manager at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga. Tiffany was among the first few staff members who stepped up to take Pfizer’s vaccine.

However, in unexpected circumstances, 17 minutes after she took the vaccine, Tiffany fainted. Fear spread among people, but she soon gained consciousness. Tiffany explained she suffered from a condition called Vasovagal Syncope. “It just hit me all of a sudden… I feel fine now! It’s common for me,” she assured the viewers after she gained consciousness.

The doctors also insisted that Tiffany was fine and her fainting had nothing to do with the vaccine. “It is a reaction that can happen very frequently with any vaccine or shot,” said Dr. Jesse Tucker, Medical Director of critical care medicine at CHI Memorial. Dr. Tucker was also among the ones who took the vaccine.

Tiffany Dover explains her medical condition

‘Tiffany Pontes Dover dead’ trend explored

Ever since Tiffany Dover fainted on live television, social media has been buzzing with the news about her death. Many were quick to speculate something had happened to her. Even though she confirmed she was fine, the news of her death has been spreading like wildfire once again.

People started speculating Tiffany was not well after several users flooded social media with alleged “proof” that hinted the same. It all started when people shared pictures of an alleged certificate that claimed Tiffany had passed away. It is impossible to say if the certificate is real. At the same time, some users alleged Tiffany, who often posted on social media, had been absent for a couple of days.

However, there has been no confirmation made by the family. At the same time, no official statement about her health has been released. As of now, the news about her death seems to be just another social media buzz that is making rounds without any factual evidence.

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