Ryan Smith has just announced that he’s bought Utah Jazz with his wife, but who is the American billionaire married to? Meet Ashley. 

With a net worth of 1.3 billion according to Forbes, Ryan Smith earned his fortune after founding an experience management company called Qualtrics.

Now, he’s taking on a new business venture, and he’s just been approved as the majority owner of NBA team Utah Jazz. But he’s not doing it alone, Ryan has bought the basketball team with his wife. Meet Ashley Smith. 

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Who is Ashley Smith?

Ashley Smith is the wife of American billionaire Ryan Smith. 

They both live together in Provo, Utah and have five children together.

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As well as being a mother, Ashley operates the Qualtrics business alongside her husband.

She doesn’t currently have any known social media profiles. 

Ashley and Ryan buy NBA team Utah Jazz

On Friday (December 18th) Ryan and Ashley were approved as the new owners of basketball team Utah Jazz by the league’s Board of Governers. The sale cost a huge $1.66 billion. 

This marks the start of a new era for Utah Jazz which has been owned by the Miller family for nearly fifty years.

Ryan and Ashley are huge basketball fans, with a basketball court in the basement of their house and another one immediately inside the Qualtrics headquarters, so this was an inevitable move for them.

The businessman initially had his eyes set on buying the Minnesota Timberwolves franchise but it was Ashley who convinced him that it wasn’t a good idea. 

Speaking to ESPN, Ryan said: 

“With my wife, something wasn’t right. She was putting her foot down. She was like, ‘You know we’re Jazz fans, right? That’s what we do, and I’m not moving.’ She doesn’t put her foot down very often, but it was a nice reminder that I was kind of getting caught up in this other world because I liked the business side of it.”

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