Congress are currently debating a new stimulus package, and if approved, thousands of people across America could receive $600 Covid relief payments. People on Twitter have been reacting with viral ‘Stimmy’ memes – here are 19 of the best.

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated families across America, and the nation currently has a $900 billion relief package to help citizens across the country.

Earlier this year, Congress approved the first round of stimulus checks, providing financial relief packages to people who qualified. Now, the government it working to bring a second round of stimulus checks.

If approved, the latest version of the Covid-19 stimulus bill will provide families with $600 stimulus payments.

Following the news of a potential second stimulus check, lots of people have taken to Twitter to react, and the viral ‘Stimmy’ memes have been born.

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19 ‘Stimmy’ Memes

Lots of people across America really need their second stimulus check.

Cashing in your $600 Stimmy like…

Doesn’t look like the government will be giving away any more money.

That Stimmy really isn’t going to cover the rent.

$600 suddenly seems like the perfect amount.

$600 is better than nothing right?

People are demanding more Stimulus money.

How the government is looking at everyone.

A $600 Stimmy is the perfect amount for a PS5.

How everyone’s going to be eating on just $600.

Timmy on a Stimmy memes are flooding Twitter.

Speaking to Congress like…

Everyone’s reaction when they heard there was another Stimmy on the way.

The prospect of getting free money is every exciting.

Some people still never got their first Stimmy!

The landlord when you give them your $600 Stimmy and you owe a lot more.

A $600 Stimmy? Yes please.

Explaining to congress why you need that Stimmy.

Waiting for that Stimmy check like…

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