The spoilers for Black Clover chapter 276 have finally been released online, but what information has been leaked about the upcoming chapter?

There have been countless fans around the world waiting patiently for the spoilers for Black Clover chapter 276 to be released online.

There had been delays and many were suspecting that the leaks wouldn’t be revealed until tomorrow.

However, the first spoilers from Black Clover 276 have finally emerged online.

Black Clover 276: Release date

At the time of writing, Black Clover chapter 276 will release on Sunday, December 20th.

The D'Amelio Show | Official Trailer | Hulu

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Black Clover chapter 276: Spoilers

  • The spoilers for Black Clover chapter 276 reveal Yuno and Langris facing Zenon, all attacks are blocked until Sylph and Yuno show their new form and are able to land a direct hit.

The chapter opens with Yuno and Langris facing off against Zenon.

Yuno launches an all-out-attack against Zenon using a bolt, but it is easily blocked as he is ready in his devil transformation.

At the same time, Langris launches another attack from the flank which is again, easily defended by Zenon. The attacks use spatial magic, so the attack is countered/blocked as Zenon has that power himself.

Zenon then launches his own attack, using the ‘bone magic’ from their first encounter, he rains down blows from the sky. However, this is defended against by an incoming and now-upgraded Sylph.

Sylph then has her own attack prepared, known as the spirit dive. Yuno is then shown in his new form, with the crown, staff and both wings spread out.

Yuno then evaporates Zenon’s counterattacks and instantly gets in front of Zenon, face to face. The two have an exchange back and forth, attacking and blocking.

The chapter ends with Yuno making the breakthrough and landing a direct hit.

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