Here’s how to see your 2020 Snapchat ‘Year in Review’. Follow these easy steps to find it on the app and look back on a year unlike any other.

“It started out like any other year.”

Well, Snapchat, it hasn’t exactly been a year like any other…

Social media has long played an important role in our lives, but in 2020, it has arguably proven more essential than ever.

With many people unable to see their families and friends in person, the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have kept us all connected with the people that we love and miss.

It’s likely that you’ve used Snapchat far more often, and under the circumstances, the memories made on the app may feel a little priceless looking back.

Fortunately, the annual ‘Year in Review’ has returned to give you a glimpse into some snapshots from 2020.

So, here’s how to access it in the app.

Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

How to see Snapchat ‘Year in Review’ 2020

Simply follow these easy steps to access your Snapchat 2020 ‘Year in Review’:

  • Open Snapchat
  • From the Camera screen, tap the photos icon on the bottom left of the screen
  • In the Snaps section, you will find a Story called “A Look Back at 2020”. Click away!

For those who are still unable to find it, your Snapchat may need updating.

The ‘Year in Review’ features a range of snaps that have been saved to your Memories throughout the year, reminding you of anything from lazy mornings at home or trips out.

In 2020, it may not exactly be too riveting of a selection, but it’s fun to reminisce all the same.

Snapchat users react on Twitter

Your ‘Year in Review’ may feature categories like ‘A Year of Early Mornings’ or ‘A Year of Embracing More Outdoor Adventures’.

Inevitably, many have voiced their thoughts on their Reviews over on Twitter, explaining that a year of COVID-19 has made their Review the most ironic and hilarious yet.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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