Tin Star season 3 has arrived on Sky Atlantic and Now TV but its ending in Liverpool has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

Tin Star has returned to our screens for its third and supposedly final series this December.

The new batch of episodes, subtitled Liverpool, began airing on Sky Atlantic on December 10th and is also available to stream in-full on-demand and via the Now TV streaming service.

As a result, fans have already been busy binging their way through all six episodes.

However, the ending of Tin Star season 3 has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

Tin Star: Liverpool on Sky Atlantic

Tin Star: Liverpool arrived on Sky Atlantic and Now TV on Thursday, December 10th, 2020.

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After the bloody events of season 2’s finale, Jack Worth and co. have been forced to leave Canada, returning to a place arguably more dangerous, Liverpool, where Jack’s past threatens to catch up with him.

Not long after returning to the city, Jack is reacquainted with Michael Ryan, a crime boss who has held a grudge against Jack for the past 20 years over the death of his brother, Danny.

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Tin Star: Season 3 ending explained

Episode 6 of Tin Star season 3 opens on a relatively cheerful note for a change as Jack and Angela tie the knot with a wedding on Southport Pier.

However, after meddling in Michael Ryan’s affairs in earlier episodes and getting the police sniffing around, Jack has become the Liverpool crime boss’s top target.

Michael has his sights set on the newly-married happy couple and in a showdown at a fairground, Michael offers Anna the chance for Jack and Angela to escape.

They don’t take the offer though, which sets up a dramatic finale back in Liverpool city centre which sees Michael promising to kill two out of the three protagonists, revealing that he only has two bullets in his gun.

But before Michael can pull the trigger on any of the Worth family, the trio get him worked up and force him into a mistake, shooting his own two henchmen with his only two bullets.

The Worths quickly overpower Michael and leave him to get arrested by the police but the crime boss takes his own life instead.

Jack, Angela and Anna find their way onto the roof of the building they were being held in, the same building that Jack pushed Danny Ryan off – Michael’s brother – 20 years before.

With police helicopters circling, they joke about what Jack and Angela might do for their honeymoon, event suggesting a nice, quiet life back in Canada.

The episode ends with the Worths seemingly jumping off the building before the credits roll.

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Room for more?

Luckily, the building that Jack, Angela and Anna leap from – at least it’s where the scene is filmed – is Liverpool’s Martin’s Bank Building, which is located next to the city’s town hall.

The roof of the building in question is slightly stepped so it’s possible that the trio were leaping to a lower section of roof in order to make their escape.

On top of that, in the run-up to season 3’s release, Tin Star’s creator Alison Jackson spoke to Metro and teased the possibility of more episodes.

“Well, I know the ending and I think yes, it could come back,” she said. “We certainly went into season 3 knowing that it would be the conclusion of the big overarching story. But never say never.”

This heavily suggests that the Worths did indeed make it off the roof in one piece but whether or not Tin Star returns for more in future is still up for debate.

Tin Star: Liverpool is airing now on Sky Atlantic and is available to stream in-full on Sky’s Now TV streaming service.

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