A TikToker has made some claims about Kellin Quinn and his wife which has gained the attention of fans.

TikTok is no stranger to being home for celebrity allegations and claims, and this story is no different.

This time, Sleeping With Sirens singer Kellin Quinn is facing allegations from a user on TikTok who’s made claims about his marriage to his wife.

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The TikTok allegations

On Monday, December 14th, TikTok user @madieoneill1 uploaded a clip of her with text reading: “One like and I’ll expose the pop punk front man who cheated on their wife with me.” She captioned the video: “Before y’all come at me I didn’t know he was married until after so shut up.”

Viewers first assumed she was referring to a Pierce the Veil member as she used their song King For a Day as the audio. People rushed to guess names in the comments section but nothing was sure until she liked a comment saying: “Bruh it’s gotta be Kellin Quinn”.

Following her original video, Madie O’Neill duetted it with screenshots of alleged DMs with the mystery person. The conversations show nothing juicy but simple small talk about work and going to sleep. However, the screenshots show the user is verified and their name ends with ‘nn’.

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She went on to duet the video again with more screenshots of an alleged conversation with Kellin Quinn.

Who is Kellin Quinn’s wife?

Kellin Quinn married Katelynne in April of 2013, and her maiden name was Lahmann. Katelynne Quinn has two children from a previous marriage named Liam, 17, and Rowan, 14. With Kellin she has eight-year-old daughter Copeland.

Katelynne is 38 years old and on Instagram she has 395,000 followers under the handle @katelynnequinn.

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