Instagram is being sued for allegedly spying on its users, and people are reacting to the news with jokes on Twitter.

Back in September, Bloomberg reported that Facebook Inc. is being sued for allegedly spying on Instagram users through their mobile phone cameras. This comes after reports claimed that Instagram was accessing iPhone cameras even when they weren’t actively being used.

Facebook denied the rumours and blamed a bug for “triggering false notifications that Instagram was accessing iPhone cameras”.

Months later, the Bloomberg article is going viral on Twitter and many social media users have just discovered that they have allegedly been spied on through their phone cameras.

Twitter users have been reacting with hilarious tweets – here are 10 of the best.

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Twitter users react to reports that Instagram has allegedly been spying on users

After the news that Instagram has been spying on users through they front camera went viral on Twitter, people have been reacting with a number of comedic tweets, and it seems like people aren’t really very concerned about the alleged privacy breach.

One Twitter user claimed that the only reason Instagram would be spying is to watch her fangirl over Harry Styles.

All Instagram are going to see if they spy on this person is voice recordings pretending they’re on a talk show and videos scrolling for hours with a blank face. Not worth spying on at all is it really?

At least no one has to worry about being microchipped by a Covid-19 vaccine now, everyone’s being spied on by Instagram anyway!

So if Instagram is spying through your phone camera, that means they get to watch everyone on the toilet.

This person says that they saw the news about Instagram spying and their first reaction was to open Instagram. Even news that you’re being spied on can’t break the Instagram obsession.

The Instagram employee spying on you after watching you refresh your feed for the 100th time at 3am…

Everyone’s acting shocked that Instagram is spying through the front camera, but didn’t everyone kind of know that already? Don’t even get me started on TikTok.

So Instagram has been spying and they still don’t know what content you want to see on your Explore Page? They’re obviously not doing a very good job.

Everyone’s reaction when they found out that Instagram has been spying on them…

Well, it certainly explains all those personalised adverts doesn’t it.

By Ellissa Bain – [email protected]

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