A Teacher has been essential viewing since it arrived on Hulu but fans have been left asking when episode 9 will release.

Hulu’s A Teacher explores the captivating and illicit relationship between a teacher in a dead-end marriage and a charming 18-year-old student.

However, as of December 15th, only eight episodes of the series have been released.

As a result, fans have been left asking when episode 9 of A Teacher will be released on Hulu and how many episodes there will in total.

A Teacher on Hulu

A Teacher arrived on Hulu on November 10th, 2020.

The series, which is based on the Hannah Fidell-directed film of the same name from 2013, tells the story of a teacher at the fictional Westerbrook High School in Texas.

The teacher, Claire (Kate Mara), is dissatisfied with her marriage and feels like her life has hit a dead-end.

That is until she befriends 18-year-old student, Eric (Nick Robinson), and the two develop illicit feelings for one another.

FX on Hulu

A Teacher episode 9 release date

  • Episode 9 of A Teacher is due to arrive FX on Hulu on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020.

For those wanting to watch episode 9 as soon as it is available, the next episode of A Teacher is due to release on December 22nd at 12:01am Eastern Time so you could be in for a late night.

Since the first three episodes of A Teacher released on November 10th, fans have had to wait for one new episode to arrive each week on Tuesdays.


How many episodes in A Teacher?

  • A Teacher consists of 10 episodes in total.

That means with episode 9 up next, fans have just two episodes of the series left to watch.

With new episodes arriving weekly on Tuesdays, the 10-episode series is expected to come to an end on December 29th, 2020.

A Teacher is available to stream now on Hulu with episodes arriving on Tuesdays.

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