Fans are wondering why Mopi left 2HYPE after the YouTuber revealed the surprising news on social media.

Content creators and well-loved social media personalities take regularly to their online channels to update their fans about their professional gigs and personal lives.

In the case of YouTuber Mopi, he announced the surprising news that he left 2HYPE.

But why did Mopi leave the collaborative channel?

Mopi on YouTube

Who is Mopi?

Mopi is a 21-year-old YouTuber and social media influencer.

He gained popularity after becoming a member of 2HYPE, a YouTube collaborative account of content creators who make gaming videos and vlogs together. The channel has amassed 1.49 million subscribers and consists of Jesser, Kris, James, Cash, Zack and Mopi.

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Mopi also has his own YouTube channel where he has gained nearly 1 million subscribers.

You can find him on Instagram under the handle @commonmopi, though he hasn’t shared a new post since September this year.

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Why did Mopi leave 2HYPE?

Mopi announced that he had left 2HYPE but he has yet to reveal the reason behind his departure from the YouTube channel.

Initially, some fans thought that he was ‘kicked out’ from the group, however, Mopi has confirmed that it was his own decision.

“Not hacked and will be explaining in time,” Mopi revealed on Twitter. “Also I didn’t get kicked, I left.”

Many of Mopi’s fans expect to see an explanation because the YouTuber has promised that he will address his departure from 2HYPE.

Make sure to follow him on his personal accounts as he might come forward with a statement soon and explain why he left.

He previously took a break from social media and he hasn’t been seen on recent posts of 2HYPE’s social media channels.

Fans react on Twitter

Many of Mopi’s fans have flooded Twitter with reactions and questions following the news that he left 2HYPE.

A lot of people want to know what happened for Mopi to take that kind of decision.

One person reacted: “Mopi, Why did you leave 2HYPE? Can you explain to the fans including me why you left 2HYPE? If you want to do it in a video go ahead. I’m sorry, I feel bad for you.”

Another one asked: “Mopi you were my favorite one in 2HYPE. Why did you leave?

Check out more reactions down below.

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