Fall Guys was one of the most popular games when it came out as a PS Plus freebie, but – since its launch – its player count has dropped for reasons that can be attributed to a lack of significant updates and Among Us. While Season 2 was a disappointment with its medieval theme, Season 3 was showcased at the Game Awards and its fun trailer has gotten people asking when it will come out. Here you’ll discover when Fall Guys Season 3 will come out and start as seven new levels plus 30 fresh costumes are on the horizon.

As previously mentioned, fans can expect seven new levels plus 30 fresh costumes once the update happens. Per IGN, we know that the final reward for completing the Fame Pass is a Dapper Walrus costume, which is either very cute or horrifying depending on whether you’ve watched Tusk starring Justin Long.

Whether you’ve remained loyal to the game since its launch or are thinking about getting back into the total wipeout scene, below you’ll discover when Fall Guys Season 3 will come out.

What time does Fall Guys Season 3 start?

No start time has been shared for when Fall Guys Season 3 will come out.

However, while no start time has been shared, Fall Guys Season 3 will officially come out and begin on December 15th.

One of the new and final levels to have been revealed is called Thin Ice. This level is similar to the very annoying Hex-A-Gone, but it sees three layers of slippery tiles begin to break as you step on them, and the goal is obviously to stay alive the longest so you don’t fall in the pink goo.

In addition to Thin Ice, IGN have also had the exclusive luxury of revealing another level named Tundra Run.

This is probably the most chaotic race in the game yet as it sees you climb a hill while avoiding canon-fired snowballs, and you will also have to pass through a set of presents that fire giant boxing gloves.

As if the above wasn’t enough, you will also have to climb a hill covered in pinball-like flippers that shoot you backwards through the level. Oh, and there’s also a fan to assist in sending you to the back of the line.

While Season 2 was admittedly disappointing thanks to how cumbersome and finicky the new levels were, here’s hoping that Season 3 rejuvenates Fall Guys when it comes out tomorrow.  

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